Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of different types of hay?

Each type of hay serves a purpose. Usually a nutritionist will recommend a certain diet for the animal and we can work with the producer to help put the proper ingredient into the diet. We offer high quality feed ingredients all the way down to inexpensive filler options.

Geographically where do you get you hay from?

Primarily CO, KS, OK, NE, NM, TX. We will go anywhere to source hay though.

Why do they grind hay vs. just putting a bale out?

Usually it depends on the operation.

Ground hay is a good option when you are mixing other feed ingredients together to make a complete ration, such as in a feed lot or dairy situation.

Bales are a good option when you need to feed an animal free choice, such as on a ranch or weaning calves.

Do you grind any other type of product for animal consumption?

Yes, cotton burrs. Cotton burrs is an inexpensive filler option that will bulk up the ration

When are the best times to use grinded hay?

Anytime there is a need to, livestock can utilize ground hay at any stage.

Do you have a recommended mixture for different animals?

I will make suggestions based on what i have seen work for other producers but ultimately that is the nutritionist’s call.

Do we sell horse hay?

Yes, we sell horse hay in all types and sizes from 2 to 3 string bales to round and square bales.

What are you distribution methods and how far do you deliver?

We will deliver  anywhere as long as the freight costs will allow it. Our product is distributed in bulk truckloads. We offer pick up at our yard in smaller quantities.

What advantages are there in distributing bales of hay vs grinding hay?

It’s usually subject to the operation. Normally a dairy won’t use a lot of ground hay because they have mixers on site that will grind the hay.

Bales can be a good option because you can buy them at optimum buying times and store them until needed, chopped hay will not keep as good.

Also not all hay needs to be ground, again, it is usually the preference of the end user or nutritionist’s instructions.

What is your yearly average of distribution of grinded hay?

250,000 tons various ground hays.

250,000 tons various baled hays.

What makes yours better than the competition?


We have the ability to deliver loads 7 days a week, even on short notice.

Our quality is monitored continuously to maintain a consistent product.